About Exclusive Travel Experience

Exclusive Travel Experiences is a training and educational organization committed to the enrichment of the luxury leisure Travel Advisor’s knowledge of destinations, experiences, unknown facts, valuable logistics and unique qualities of the ETE Collection. We also are committed to sharing little known marketing strategies and leading edge marketing ideas. Our services are provided complimentary to all Travel Advisors. 

Exclusive Travel Experiences’ mission is to equip the luxury leisure Travel Advisor with the training, information and resources necessary to become more valuable to their clients.

Exclusive Travel Experiences’ Collection Members must be “Best in Class” for service, luxury, and unique offerings. Our Collection Members are familiar with the purchase decisions of the affluent traveler in the leisure market. ETE acts as a direct liaison between the collection member and the luxury focused Travel Advisor. We assist the Travel Advisor in choosing the best experiences for their clients. We have purposely aligned ourselves with only the finest travel experiences in their marketplaces.

You can count on Exclusive Travel Experiences, Inc. to always be truthful, informative, and dedicated to excellence.

Our Programs

Exclusive Travel Advisor Amenity Program

Clients are surprised and delighted when a Travel Advisor greets them at their destination through an amenity presented with a personalized hand written note. Every Collection Member makes this possible by offering three amenity choices so the Travel Advisor can closely match their client’s personal preference.

Sales Training Equipping

We offer enhanced continual training to the Travel Advisor on the experiences of the destination and the Collection Member. We have developed customized communication resources, with “eye catching” content, always keeping information fresh in the minds of the Travel Advisor for their continued pro-active communication to their clients. Our goal is helping Travel Advisors effectively sell our Collection Members to their clients.


Experiential Message Equipping

Since our members are all Best in Class, we deliver “experience messages” and updates on each of the Collection Member to the Travel Agency community so that the Advisors understand these experiences to be able to communicate these experiences fluently to their clients. This makes the Travel Advisors experts in our Collection Members’ experiences and latest offerings.

Education Resources

We provide a complimentary desk resource featuring the most useful information on our Collection Members, putting this valued information always at the Advisor’s fingertips.

Provide Specific Recreational Brochures

We assist the Advisor in identifying specific clients that would be a good match for the individual member’s experiences described, then equipping the Advisor with complimentary, specific recreational or life style brochure resources that are congruent with their client’s reasons for traveling. Our goal is to equip the Advisors we meet with the exact recreational information that is most important to their clients and have the Advisor proactively send these brochures with a short personalized note to their client to “surprise and delight” their clients, acknowledging that they are aware of what motivates their client’s choices.

Custom Communication Resources

We have web pages dedicated to specific recreational and lifestyle purchase drivers, such as golf, spa, pet friendly, families with teenagers and wheelchair accessibility.

Promotion of Travel Advisor Usage

We perform key note addresses and radio talk shows geared towards the upscale and luxury -tier traveler. The promotion of Travel Advisor usage is a dominate theme in our communication in public venues.

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